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Fire, water, storms, and wind create serious property damage and personal problems. From the moment you or your adjuster/insurance agent call DMR Services, we secure your property, estimate the damage and help you personally by answering all of your questions candidly.

In an emergency there is no time for extended planning, you need a contractor who knows how to react. Minimize emergency. Maximize Security. DMR’s twenty four hour emergency service has a perfect safety record. Through properly executed emergency service, client savings have totaled thousands of dollars over the years. Quick response around the clock will prevent further damage, protect human safety and secure your building against theft and vandalism. An added element is DMR’s sensitivity to your needs during a stressful time. You can avoid further damage and future costs through proper roof and window covering, temporary structure shoring, electrical and mechanical checks, heat restoration, water removal, ventilation, dehumidification, deodorization, and by draining freeze-prone plumbing. We can eliminate costs by making some permanent (rather than temporary) repairs such as roof, glazing, wiring and heating. We will reduce your insurance liability by barricading open areas, removing glass and other debris, making immediate electrical repairs and demolishing dangerous structural components. DMR’s emergency efforts create a climate of safety and order and make accurate assessing and estimating possible. But most importantly, we pave the quickest path to expedite return occupancy or faster start ups and quicker recoveries.

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